What To Expect From Your Friends When You Get Divorced

There always seem to be stories about how when a couple divorces, one of them got the house and the other got the friends. It can be difficult to maintain common friendships, without making your friends feel like they have to pick a side. Often times friends of a divorcing couple are uncertain what to say, or how to act. This topic arises more often than you might think, and there are things you can do to make the transition smooth and keep your friends.

Obviously your best friend from 3rd grade is unlikely to stop calling at this difficult time in your life, but what about other friends? Is there a way to remain close with neighbors or friends that were made after the marriage? The Huffington Post reported on the issue, and has the following to say:

● If possible, talk with your spouse about which friends are important to you. Taking a step back from a friendship for the sake of keeping the peace may pave the way for agreement on other, more important issues in your case.
● Be accepting of the fact that not all friendships will continue. Part of this process is the realization that new friends will be made, and new bonds formed.

When in doubt, talk it over with your friends. Most times they are waiting for you to bring up the subject, out of respect for your feelings or out of uncertainty in how to bring up the subject. Talking things over will give you a clear picture of how everyone feels, and give you a sense of calm that can give you an emotional boost during an emotionally trying time.

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