Should I Reconcile?

Making the decision to get divorced is not easy. It is common to have doubt, or maybe even lingering feelings for your spouse. These things can make it hard to come to the conclusion to end your marriage, and may give you reason for pause. Before filing for divorce, make sure it is the right answer for you.

Staying in an unsatisfactory marriage can cause more harm than good, but to make sure divorce is the answer you should give the issue careful consideration. Some food for thought when making the decision to end your marriage includes the following things:

● Is there a chance the issues that are creating the unhappiness can be resolved?
● Are both parties to the marriage unhappy? If so then divorce is likely the answer. But, if only one of the parties is feeling dissatisfied there is a possibility that with a renewed commitment and work those feelings might change.
● Have you and your spouse tried everything? Have you had open and honest communication about your emotions, and have you talked it over with a professional?

Once you are able to determine the reasons for getting divorced are valid, the process will be easier. Divorce cases are not fun and can be a real drain on your personal finances and your emotions. We work hard to make your case go smoothly and with as little conflict as possible. It benefits you to come into the case after having explored all your options and making sure divorce is right for you. We can help you talk through the issues that are causing your concern, and give you the information you need for an educated decision.

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