Experienced Family Law Attorney Explains Your Child Support Benefits in Cook County

Experienced lawyer advocates for child support benefits
Whether you are ordered to pay child support, or are on the receiving end, it is important to understand the complicated system of determining child support payments. Generally speaking, the Court takes set figures such as income and expenses to determine the appropriate amount of child support. The Court also looks at pre-set guidelines when fixing amounts. We have extensive experience in analyzing your case to make sure the child support award is correct. At The Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, LLC, we have the distinction of having been court appointed in past cases to represent the interest of children. This experience proves priceless when your child support battle reaches its height. We know how to present factors that impact the best interests of your child and reach satisfactory results.

What factors are considered when child support is calculated?
Being able to provide for your children can be uncertain when you get divorced. Where two parents used to share the responsibility under one roof, there are now two homes that must be financially managed. Child support is based on the child support guidelines set forth in state statue, but the particulars of your case may be cause for deviation from those guidelines. Some factors the Court considers consist of:

  • The needs of the child.
  • The custody arrangement.
  • The financial ability of each parent.
  • Childcare and healthcare needs and expenses.

Don’t let the care of your children be determined by a routine approach. Contact our office, where we know that your case is unique and deserves specialized attention. Our past appointments by the Court, for the benefit of children, means we have seen it all. We are skilled at anticipating the other side’s move, and know how to respond effectively. Call today to meet with a competent family law attorney.

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