Family Law Attorney in Chicago Fights For Parental Rights

Sound advice for dads
The Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, LLC has experience fighting for the rights of fathers. We are especially sensitive to situations where the parents were never married, but the dad wants full rights to his children. We know that any informal agreement you have with the mother does not hold up in Court, so we put together impenetrable plans for your protection and the protection of your relationship with your kids

How is paternity established?
Before you can be granted rights with your child, there must first be a determination of paternity . Simply being designated on a birth certificate is not enough. A legal determination is necessary if you want to have legal rights to your children. The process involves:

  • Filing a Petition to establish paternity.
  • Litigating issues common to divorce cases such as custody, visitation and child support.
  • Formalizing the findings in a court setting so there is no question as to the rights and obligations of the parent and child.

Seeing more dads step up and take an active role in the lives of their kids is viewed favorably by the Courts. Creating and maintaining a good relationship with your children makes for well-adjusted families, whether the parents are married or separate. We have experience fighting for the rights of dads and consider it our honor to help you exercise your paternity.

We also offer services to moms seeking to establish paternity on behalf of their children. Establishing paternity is required when a mother seeks child support payments from the father. It is also necessary to have a determination of paternity when asking the Court to order certain benefits be given your child, such as payment of childcare expenses, education related costs, health insurance and life insurance premiums.

Moms and dads seeking to establish paternity in Cook County, call for solid legal representation.
The Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, LLC provides representation in Chicago and the surrounding areas in establishing paternity. We focus on what is best for your child, and help you build a lasting relationship with your kids. Contact our office at 312-984-1514 or on the web , and schedule your appointment. The first phone call is a free initial phone consult.

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