Divorce Attorney in Cook County Helps With New Family Structure

Aggressive representation for your family
When you file for divorce, or your spouse seeks a dissolution of your marriage, we know you have concerns. Our approach is to listen to your questions and give you sound legal advice for your options. We explore what arrangement will best suit your children for custody and support, we examine whether there is a need for Maintenance (Alimony), and we help divide assets fairly. We put our experience and specialized knowledge to work for you so you get the best possible outcome to your divorce.

What are some common issues in divorce cases?
No two cases are alike. Each divorce case must be given individualized attention, with a concentrated focus on the issues that matter to you. Not every couple has children, so the sticky issue of calculating child support does not come into play. Some people make the choice to work together from the outset at resolving their differences through a process called collaborative divorce. When that is the choice, we are at your side to make sure the options being presented are fair and acceptable. Other issues that commonly arise during a divorce proceeding include:

  • Maintenance (Alimony): a determination of an amount and duration of payment must be made when considering whether Maintenance (Alimony) is appropriate.
  • Property division: it is important to know what assets comprise the marital estate when the parties begin deciding who gets what. Careful analysis of the character of property must be examined so a proper determination and final distribution that is satisfactory to you can be made.
  • Complex asset valuation: some families run businesses together, from a small mom and pop operation to a more complex business structure. When the couple divorces, important decisions about the business must be made. Whether the business will remain open, who is in charge, what the employees can expect from leadership and the value of the goodwill are only some of the issues that arise in this setting. It is important to have qualified legal representation in these instances so you can be sure your rights are protected. An attorney with a financial background and a keen understanding of complex accounting principles is your best tool to proper valuation of a business or other complex asset in a divorce.

Not only does Mr. Ross have the financial education and background to help with property disputes, but his appointments as a child’s representative and/or guardian ad litem gives him significant experience in protecting the best interests of children. We believe in the benefits to counseling, before and after your marriage, so you are equipped with the mental know how to move towards a bright future.

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