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Experienced attorney helps grow your family Adoption is a happy time. Families are created and the hope for the future is bright. There are several forms of adoption, and all require a sharp attention to the details. Making sure your adoption case goes off without a hitch is our goal. At The Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, LLC we take a special interest in helping families. We have been recognized by our peers, adversaries, past clients, and Judges as honest and hardworking legal advocates in the family law arena.

What types of adoption cases are there?
An adoption can be pre-arranged with the birth mother; can be private, open or planned. Following are brief explanations:

  • Planned: you may be lucky enough to have a birth mother willing to allow the adoption of her child, by you, once born. These cases call for caring for the mother during pregnancy, and formalization of the agreement with Court approval.
  • Private: in a private adoption, the birth parent remains an unknown to the adoptive parents. For some, this is an easier and cleaner way to provide a better life for an unborn child.
  • Open: in an open adoption, the parties engage in full disclosure of the identity of the birth mother and in some cases even decide to allow contact with the child.

A unique type of adoption in Illinois involves terminally ill patients. In that case, a parent may direct who gets custody of their children after their death. This is different than typical estate planning through use of a last will in that the child is actually adopted by the designated person after the parent dies. This type of adoption can give a sense of peace to the ill parent and make sure their final wishes are honored. Whatever type of adoption you are considering, we have the know-how to help.

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