Establishing Paternity In Illinois

In today’s society more and more couples are making the decision to cohabitate rather than get married. This means the parties live together and undertake many of the same obligations and responsibilities as married people, in many instances this includes having children. Even though the parentage may be common knowledge to friends and family, in […]

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New Rules For Spousal Support

The fallout from a divorce touches nearly every aspect of your life. Aside from the emotional setbacks that are a natural consequence of ending a marriage, you can also expect to deal with helping your kids adjust and changing the way you spend your money. This is especially true in cases where one spouse stayed […]

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Can I Visit My Stepchildren?

In today’s society there are many blended families. Subsequent marriages are common, and usually come with a his and hers sort of family. This is especially true for older couples, where the likelihood there are children from previous marriages is even greater. Marriages in these situations result in instant families, giving stepchildren to the newly […]

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