How To Divide A Substantial Marital Estate

There are some common issues to every divorce case. Most notably the issue of child custody and support must be resolved in every case where minor children are involved. Likewise, all divorce proceedings include an emotional element, and must be handled in a way that leaves the parties emotionally healthy and ready to move forward […]

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Should I Reconcile?

Making the decision to get divorced is not easy. It is common to have doubt, or maybe even lingering feelings for your spouse. These things can make it hard to come to the conclusion to end your marriage, and may give you reason for pause. Before filing for divorce, make sure it is the right […]

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Things You Can Do To Help Your Kids Through Divorce

Divorce impacts the entire family, not just the adults. Extended family feels the effects of your split, and it goes without saying that your kids also have feeling about the case. It is hard enough on most adults to get divorced, so when talking to kids it is crucial to remember their maturity level and […]

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