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We know you have many choices for family law attorneys in the Chicago area, but few have the experience and skill provided by The Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, LLC. Your decision to use us for one of the most difficult times in your life gets you:

  • Experience and quality representation. Curtis Bennett Ross, a Certified Public Accountant, has a background in tax matters as well as other financial concentrations. His firm’s focus is on accurate distribution of property, maximizing awards of child support and spousal maintenance, correct application of complex accounting analysis to family owned businesses, and fighting for the best interests of your children. Mr. Ross formed his firm in 1984 and has enjoyed special recognition from the Court, such as acting as a Court appointed receiver and Court’s expert in family law matters. This distinction is rare and not bestowed upon many attorneys.
  • Taking a personal approach. Every case is unique and has its own set of facts. We don’t treat your circumstances like any other set of facts, or offer a cookie-cutter approach. Rather, our mission is to offer solutions that are creative and individually tailored to your specific needs.
  • Protecting your children. Curtis Bennett Ross’ service as a children’s representative and guardian ad litem gives him tremendous and invaluable insight when custody battles heat up. Mr. Ross’ service to the Bar in this capacity means he has often been appointed as a guardian ad litem to protect the interests of children in domestic cases. A children’s representative or guardian ad litem is appointed by the Court and the fact Mr. Ross has served in this capacity is a true testament to his skills, specialized knowledge, and the confidence placed in him by the judicial system.

Experienced legal advocacy for your most important family law issues

We understand the decision to end a marriage impacts people beyond just the married couple. Family, friends, and especially children are affected when a family structure changes. We are here to help you understand your legal options and rights in all areas of family law, including:

  • Divorce. Dissolution of a marriage is a legal proceeding, but is also full of emotion. Let us help you put emotions aside and come to conclusions that fit your particular needs and circumstances.
  • Support. Child support and spousal maintenance (alimony) are two of the most important issues in a divorce setting. Everyone wants to be financially independent, and make sure their children’s needs are met.
  • Maintenance (Alimony). Being dependent upon your ex-spouse, after the divorce, can prevent you from moving forward with your life. We are here to help you make sure an appropriate amount of child support is ordered and that any spousal support award is accurate in both amount and duration.
  • Domestic violence. We take a tough stand on instances of violence, and work tirelessly for the safety of you and your family. Let us help you come to terms with domestic violence and its impact on your family by helping you through the legalities of the events and helping you find the help you need to repair the emotional damage.
  • Paternity. It is becoming more and more prevalent that dads are exercising their rights. This is most often seen when an unmarried couple has a child, and the first step in exercising father’s rights is to establish paternity. We offer assistance in making your case, and fight for the rights that are yours. We also help mothers establish paternity when they seek child support and other benefits such as daycare, education expenses, health and life insurance.
  • Adoption. Not all family law matters involve parties adverse to one another. An adoption is a joyful time, but also an event that requires sound legal advice. Make sure your adoption is done properly by calling us for help.

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